Money, Money, Money

With apologies to The O’Jays and none to The Donald (barf), this is my new apparent theme song. The work is underway and you know what that means: filling the virtual and physical Home Depot carts a few times a day, and the newly uncovered opportunities to hemorrhage cash on surprise “must dos”.

We ripped out part of this ceiling, so now you’ll need all new ones! That carport was falling down anyway! (That’s funnier if you hear it in your Chris Tucker “Rush Hour” voice, and I am sorry to report that Mr. Google did not readily return the video clip. Alas.)

In order to save money on contractor markup, I am purchasing many of the items myself. Never would I have imagined spending so many hours on home improvement store websites, not to mention actually going *inside* them and shopping the aisles like it’s Target. (It’s not Target.) But shopping for sinks and such is its own kind of fun. And the BEST part is I don’t have to make anyone else happy with my selections. There sure is a special kind of freedom in just choosing whatever I like, other people’s opinions be damned. Oh, you don’t like this mercury glass light pendant? Not a problem. It’s going in MY house.

My current favorite example of this liberation: my new dining room chairs. They are a bit polarizing in their appeal, I’ll admit. But Monkey and I love them, and that’s pretty much all that matters. They are also quite comfortable and were very reasonably priced through Overstock. Less than $300 for 4 groovy dining chairs is my kind of deal. Lady and gent, I give you my Manproofers:
manprooferThese are going to look great with my CB2 Compass table that arrives Saturday, having been on back order for weeks. I got a great deal on the table because there was a sale at my local store on Pride weekend, and they sweetened the deal a bit because of the aforementioned back order situation, throwing in free assembly and delivery.compass dining table

With my newly ordered mid century chandelier (a splurge gift from a friend) from Shades of Light, this is going to be one snazzy dining area. Can’t wait to share finished results. Next month? Could it be? Cross your fingers for me, y’all.

Until then, may your ceilings not need replacement.


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